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22 Nov 08 Antennablog is back!

Has it really been a year since I last posted here?

You may have noticed that the domain has changed – from to Due to the bungling of a domain name registrar I lost the earlier name, which someone grabbed and has had it parked ever since hoping I might be willing to buy it back. Fat chance! I have had to settle for this one.

Rebuilding the blog with a new version of WordPress on the new domain should have been simple enough, until I discovered that my old database backup was faulty. I had to resort to an earier one which only had one post in it. Fortunately, I had saved the webpage at some point, so I was able to copy and paste the material into new posts and backdate them to the original dates. The image editing capabilities of this version 2.6.3 of WordPress are so much improved over the old one (version 2.1) I was using this was not as difficult as I expected.

Now comes the task of finding all of the links to this blog in all of my other blogs, posts and websites and pointing them to the new domain. Not to mention all of the web directories and lists that reference it. If you have a link to this blog anywhere, or a bookmark, you might like to change it.

In that same period I have obtained a new amateur radio callsign. I’m no longer VK3ZDD, but am VK3HL.

Watch for some new posts on antenna theory, design, construction and testing.


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